We believe that every writer has something worthwhile to say, and that every writer, no matter how accomplished,
has something to learn. Our goals are:

To help you refine and polish your work while preserving its integrity and your voice as the author.
To provide a supportive atmosphere in which to hone your writing skills.
To give you enough insight into writing techniques as they apply to your own work that you can confidently carry
  your newfound knowledge into future projects.
To help you achieve your full potential as a writer.

New Leaf Editing can be especially helpful to unpublished or first-time writers readying their work for submission to
agents or publishers, or to those who want to take their writing to the next level. We'll tell you where you're succeeding and
why, and what isn't working and why. With our honest, constructive and meticulous feedback, you'll learn what you can do
to improve your manuscript in particular and your writing in general.We offer thorough, one-on-one attention, and the
following services in whatever combination meets your needs.

Free sample edit
Line editing
Content editing
Written critique

In short, we do anything and everything to help you make your manuscript the best it can be.

Our work begins with a discussion of your work. We'd like to know a little about what you've written, your
background as a writer, what your aspirations are, and what, specifically, you'd like us to look for, such
as problem areas (is this working?) or particular concerns (how can I accomplish this?), as we edit your
manuscript. This discussion will also help you and New Leaf Editing find out whether we'd be a good match.
Occasionally, we may decide we're not able to help a client, or the client may decide we're not the right fit.
Neither party is under any obligation until we've both signed a contract to begin work.

Sometimes we need to read a chapter or two (we do not charge a reading fee for samples under twenty pages)
to help you determine what stage the manuscript is in and what more needs to be done. If your manuscript is
in an early draft stage, you may want general comments only. Then tutoring or a short written critique might
be your best option. If your manuscript is in a more advanced stage, you may be ready for heavy substantive
and line editing on hard copy. A reading will also help us determine our fee and turnaround time. If we decide
to go ahead with the work, the initial reading is included in the fee.

After you've received the edited manuscript, we'll be available at no additional charge to answer any questions
you may have about our comments and suggestions.