Marti Kanna, owner of New Leaf Editing, was raised in Washington State, where she
began writing stories as soon as she could hold a crayon. A lifelong love of reading
and writing resulted in a Masters Degree in Creative Writing from the University of
Washington in 1982. Her graduate thesis consisted of a collection of her original short
stories. She earned a Bachelors in English from the UW in 1977.

Editing novels and short stories, particularly when authored by new writers, is one of her
passions. She enjoys not only playing with words, but also working with writers to help
them write their best. Her reading interests range from mainstream fiction, classics,
mysteries, and science fiction to philosophy, science, biography, and anything about the
craft of writing.

Marti now lives with her significant other and two cats in Seattle, where she likes to
sketch with pencil, pen and ink, and colored pencil, kayak the quiet waters of local lakes,
browse antiques shops, take in movies, and indulge her love of good food.

Marti is a member of the Northwest Independent Editors Guild. You may visit their site