Free sample edit
Submit three pages, double-spaced, of any part of your manuscript, and we'll edit them at no charge so you can see
what we can do for you.

Hard copy edit
What we look at in the editing process:
Line editing:
· Syntax, grammar, usage, cadence, voice
· Inconsistencies, redundancies, wordiness, clichés
· Spelling
· Punctuation
· Format
Substantive or content editing:
· Plot, narrative development, organization, logic,
  theme, proportion, pacing
· Characterization, point of view, dialogue
· Style, clarity, conciseness, transitions
A comprehensive hard copy edit will include line-by-line corrections and suggestions, generous comments in the
margins, and an accompanying two to six page overall critique.

Short Written Critique
A brief (one to three page) overall critique of your work, with no line editing included.
Phone conferences or email sessions featuring one-on-one discussions of any or all aspects of your writing.