From an Online Poker Game to a True Love Story, Memories of My Baby and Our Wonderful Life Together, by Fred Van Weyenbergh, 2016, Memoir. The story of how Fred met and fell in love with Sandy, she in America, he in Belgium, and their adventurous and loving life together. More about the book: Click Here.   The Search for Tomorrow’s Treasures, by Carol Johnson, 2015, Science Fiction. This story invites you aboard the starship Aries to share in the thrilling journey of three beautiful surveyors and their mischievous computer sidekicks as they battle nefarious foes. More about the book: Click Here
The Tale of the Shadow Dwellers, by Carol Johnson, 2015, Paranormal. A fast-paced, action-driven blend of romance, science fiction, and fantasy, featuring an alluring but secretive race of virtually immortal creatures of the night. More about the book: Click Here.   Dance of the Heart, by Susan Berry, 2014, Fiction, Romance. After years away, Maggie returns to the family farm to find everything changed due to an annoying, infuriating new neighbor who is far too involved in the lives of her family members. She may have to put up with him for now, but at what cost? More about the book at
Brayden Rider, Tales of a Medieval Boy, by C.L. Barnett, 2013, Fiction, Young Adult Fiction. In this coming of age story, young Brayden Rider must survive the violence and intrigue of Medieval Britain, while grappling with the disappearance of his father, who also happens to be one of the greatest of the Templar Knights. More about the book: Click Here   A Separate Heaven, by Alex Disanti, Still Waters LTD, 2010, Fiction. A Separate Heaven is the first of seven novels that comprise an epic saga featuring the fascinating characters of Paige Hamilton and Dominic Gianelli, whose rare and extraordinary romance spans continents and decades. More about the book at
Destination Dealey: Countdown to the Kennedy Conspiracy, by LDC Fitzgerald, Ursa Minor Publishing, 2011, Fiction Thriller. Destination Dealey opens in a world where KGB snipers botched the JFK assassination fifty years ago, triggering a chronic Russian war. On the brink of Armageddon, a team of outlaws time-travels into history. To save the future, they must thwart the conspiracy and right the wrongs of the past. More about the book at   Tanya's Predicaments, by Mark Penkower, 2012, Action/Adventure. Tanya is a tall, fit blond. She looks good and handles herself well. She is also a world-class mathematician and an excellent problem solver. How she came to her current position is still a bit of a mystery. She had once wished for a simple existence, but her interests breed complexity. Follow the international whirlwind and see how she deals with her predicaments. More about the book: Click Here
Polyglot, Stories of the West’s wet edge, by Wendy Marcus, Beth Am Press, 2009. These lovingly crafted stories chronicle lives between Vancouver, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia—the wet edge of North America. The stories, linked by the advice of a gay Gypsy columnist, reflect Marcus’ years in the Northwest’s musical, newspaper and Jewish communities, resulting in wry and poignant perspectives. Winner of the 2009 Serena McDonald Kennedy Award.   Beachglass by Wendy Blackburn, St. Martin’s Press, Fiction. Set against the backdrop of West Hollywood in the late 1980s, this gritty and uplifting story presents a fresh look at the struggle to go into recovery and stay there. More about the book at
The Killing Frost by Scott Gamboe, Medallion Press, coming, Science Fiction. Captain Arano Lakeland, motivated by revenge, leads an elite military team to bring the renegade Bromidian empire to its knees and prevent cataclysmic galactic war. More about the book at   O'Sullivan's Odyssey by Rick Spier, Moon Donkey Press, LLC, 2004, Historical Fiction. This novel examines the dynamics and consequences of family dysfunction against the backdrop of the Irish Potato Famine and the American Civil War.
Nri Warriors of Peace by Chikodi Anunobi, Zenith Publishers, 2006. This novel about the Nri Kingdom of southeastern Nigeria, the cradle of Igbo culture, chronicles several generations of Nri in the eleventh century, illuminating a civilization whose immutable spirit has endured and thrived for more than a millennium.   What Does It All Mean: A Humanistic Account of Human Experience by William A. Adams, Imprint Academic, 2005, Philosophy. Adams sets out a new reasoned argument, based on his experience as a cognitive psychologist, to show why Socrates was right: the purpose of life is to recognize ourselves in each other and in all things. (Edited by Gary Anderson for New Leaf Editing.)