Hard Copy Edit

New Leaf Editing's fees are flexible and are determined on an individual basis. They range from $2 to $6 per page,
depending on your needs and on the difficulty and complexity of the manuscript. The average fee is $3.50 per page.
A first read-through of the manuscript is included in this fee.

Short written critique & Tutoring
Fees for a written critique only or for tutoring sessions by phone or Internet are $50 an hour, payable before the writing
or the session begins. If you and your assigned editor are discussing more than twenty pages of manuscript, we charge a
reading fee of fifty cents per page over the first twenty pages. There is no reading fee for discussions limited to twenty or fewer pages.

Determine the page count by taking the total word count of the manuscript and dividing it by 250 (the average number of
words per page).
The number of actual printed pages may differ from this calculated page count.

Payment arrangements
Half the fee is due before the editing begins, with the balance due upon completion of the editing, but before the return
of the manuscript; however, we'll be glad to work out other payment arrangements. We accept money orders, cashier's
checks, and personal checks (work will begin once the check clears), and major credit card payments through PayPal
(add a 3% service charge to your total fee for the use of Paypal).

Five weeks is our average turnaround time, but this will vary depending on what stage your draft is in, its length and
complexity, and on our current schedule. We emphasize a quality edit over a speedy edit.